503.2R1 Student Expulsion Regulation

Code No. 503.2R1


The administration shall provide a student faced with expulsion, the following:

  1. Notice of the reasons for the proposed expulsion;
  2. The names of the witnesses and an oral or written report on the facts to which each witness testifies;
  3. An opportunity to present a defense against the charges and provide either oral testimony or written affidavits of witnesses on the student’s behalf;
  4. The right to be represented by counsel; and,
  5. The results and finding of the board, in writing, open to the student’s inspection.

In addition to the above procedures, a special education student must be provided with the following procedures.

1.   Prior to the board’s determination on the matter, a re-evaluation of the special education student must be made by a multi-disciplinary staffing team.  The re-evaluation should include:

a.  Psychological evaluation;

b.  Diagnostic education testing (reading, math, standardized achievement);

c.  Social functioning;

d.  Other evaluations when appropriate (i.e. hearing, vision, speech and language); and,

e.  A review of the incident to determine whether the infraction was directly related to the student’s disability.

1.  A report and recommendation by this team must be made to the hearing panel of the board.  The report must include the findings of the evaluation team as well as the group’s recommendation as to the most appropriate educational program for the student in question.  The report should clearly cite the criteria on which this recommendation was made.  Special note should also be made to whether the district is able to provide the recommended program.

2.  Upon receipt and recommendation by the staffing team, the hearing panel of the board will decide whether to proceed with the recommendation to the board to expel or whether a less restrictive alternative placement will meet the needs of the child in the district.

3.  A recommendation by the hearing panel of the board to expel will be made only when no reasonable alternative is available.  Programs outside the district may be considered when necessary.

Approved   9-13-93            Reviewed  5-2-12       Revised 4-16-2018