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305 Reduction in Administrative Positions

Code No.305


The board shall have the discretion to determine the appropriate number of administrators.

When considering a reduction in administrative positions, the board shall consider the number of students to be enrolled, the financial condition of the school district, the reassignment of duties among other administrators, and other factors deemed relevant by the board.

The board shall consider the relative skills, ability, competence, experience, effectiveness, and qualifications of the administrators to do the available work, as well as other factors deemed relevant by the board in making reductions in administrative positions.

Legal Reference: 

In re Waterloo Community School District, 338 N.W.2d 153 (Iowa 1983).

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Iowa Code §§ 279.8, .21, .23, .24 

Approved 9-13-93    Reviewed 10-17-2022    Revised  4-15-2019