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504.6 R1 Student Fundraising

Code3 No. 504.6 R1


Student fundraising can enhance a student’s educational experience but it must not be at the expense of the safety and education of the district’s students.  The following are additional regulations to assist the administration in developing procedures necessary for successful fundraising efforts.


  • Students will not be asked to solicit door to door. 
  • Students who do not wish to engage in fundraising efforts will be provided an alternative community service option to apply toward credit of funds raised.  The alternative option will not be unduly burdensome or onerous when compared to the fundraising activity.

Fiscal Responsibility: 

  • All funds generated due to a student fund raising activity will be deposited into the district’s student activity funds, pursuant to applicable laws and board policies.
  • Funds raised for a participatory student activity will be equally applied to all students regardless of their participation in fundraising efforts. 
  • All funds generated from district sponsored student fundraising efforts will be deposited in the student activity fund.  
  • All funds generated from non-district sponsored student fundraising efforts will be deposited into an agency fund designated by the board for such purpose.
  • No school district employee or other individual affiliated with the district may deposit student fund raising funds into any other account.  
  • All funds received from student fundraising are the property of the district.


  • Any student fundraising activity which utilizes the district name, likeness and/or logo will be subject to board approval, and all other conditions of this policy and accompanying regulations.  

This procedure contains District Fundraising Guidelines, Use of an Fundraising Approval Form, and the District Fundraising Calendar of all approved fundraisers across the Riverside Community School District. If you have any questions, please contact the superintendent

Fundraising Guidelines

The Board of Education appreciates contributions and encourages the interest and participation of parents and community members in supporting the District and student activities. While the Board of Education prefers to financially support District-sponsored student programs and activities, they recognize fundraising activities are essential for their existence.

In an effort to provide clarity to our parents and community, the District has set forth the following guidelines in an effort to reduce duplications, overlap, and to provide a central bank of fundraising information including dates and a calendar.

  • Every effort should be made to limit fundraising activities to two external fundraisers per group, per year, at the discretion of the building administrator.
  • When an organization contemplates a fundraising activity, it is important to submit the request on the appropriate online approval form.
  • Each principal, or designee, is directly responsible for all types of money-raising activities conducted in his/her school or sponsored in any manner by his/her school. The principal or designee will make a determination to grant or deny approval for the request. If an activity includes more than one school, the activity must be approved by each respective principal.
  • If possible, first semester fundraising requests should be submitted prior to September 1, second semester fundraising requests prior to January 1 and summer fundraising requests June 1. This will allow adequate time for approval and scheduling.
  • Once the building administrator authorizes the request, it  will be entered on the District Fundraising Calendar.
  • Parent-sponsored organizations should make their purchases and agreements using their own tax 501(c)3 tax exempt status.

Fundraising Approval Form

Please complete the online form and submit to your building administrator. This form can be found on the district website Click on Explore -- Click on Forms

Fundraising Calendar

Staff members have View rights and Building Principal have Edit rights to add approved fundraising events.  Only those events noted on the calendar are approved and are supported by the District.

 Check List:

  1. Sponsor/Coach confers with building principal and submits Fundraising Approval Form.
  2. Building Administrator confirms on the district fundraising calendar (view only) any other conflicting fundraisers during that time.
  3. If denied, give reason and return to the sponsor/coach. If approved, the fundraiser will be placed on the fundraising calendar.

District Trademarks Usage

Fundraising groups desiring to use trademarks of Riverside Community School District, including both District and high school logos, must get approval from the superintendent to do so.

Revised   7-25-2022