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508.4 Supervision After School Events

Code No. 508.4


There shall be an employee or a person designated by the school district available to supervise the school building while students wait at the school building after a school activity.

It shall be the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that the students and other individuals in the school building have a valid and clear purpose for being in the school building at that time. If there is no valid and clear purpose for the student or other individual to be in the school building, the supervisor shall require them to leave the school building at once. Persons or students who do not leave upon request may be reported to the local law enforcement authorities.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the bulding principal, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Legal Reference: 

McClain v. Lafayette County Bd. of Education, 673 F.2d 106  (5th Cir. 1982).

Iowa Code § 279.8 (2013).

Approved    9-13-93       Reviewed    2-25-13         Revised   6-18-2018