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802.6 Parking

Code No. 802.6


Driving to and parking at the employee's designated attendance center is a privilege. Employees shall park only in the areas designated as employee parking and abide by school district parking regulations.

Visitors to the school district shall park in the parking area designated for visitor parking. Students shall abide by board policies dealing with the use of bicycles and motor vehicles. Parking areas designated for persons with disabilities may be used only by persons with disabilities.

Failure to comply with this policy or school district regulations will be reason for revocation of school district parking privileges.

Legal Reference:          

Iowa Code  11.18; 104A.7; 279.8; 321

661 I.A.C. 18.1-.8.

Approved 9-13-93       Reviewed 12-5-13       Revised 4-12-2021