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907.R1 District Operations During a Public Health Emergency Regulation

Code No. 907.R1


During a public health emergency, the district will seek guidance and recommendations from federal, state and local agencies that monitor and respond to the emergency.  The district will follow any mandatory closures or other mandatory measures imposed by such agencies. 

The superintendent, in conjunction with relevant government agencies and/or athletic and activity associations, will determine under what circumstances the district will restrict or cancel in-person learning, student events or activities including sporting events, extracurricular clubs or meetings for students, and the use of district facilities by outside organizations. 

The district will promote and follow other recommended measures and guidance from federal, state and local agencies to the extent reasonably practicable under the circumstances.  These measures may include, but are not  limited to the following:

  • On-line learning, hybrid models of learning, or modified in-person learning may occur dependent on the circumstances and in accordance with applicable law. 
  • Hand washing and any other recommended hygiene practices will be taught to all students and employees.
  • Non-medical-grade face masks are encouraged to be worn by all individuals on school grounds, including students, employees and volunteers.  Masks will be provided to individuals who request them.  Reusable masks should be washed regularly by individuals wearing them. 
  • Employees, volunteers and students are encouraged to monitor their temperatures each morning prior to traveling to any school building or event.  Individuals with a temperature over 100.3 degrees may not enter school buildings or attend school events.
  • Employees, voolunteers, students, parents and visitors to the buildings will be required to compy with Buiolding Entey Guidelines and General Disease Mitigation Strtigies  as apporved by the Board.
  • Due to the increased cost to the district of providing additional cleaning and disinfecting measures, and in order to preserve cleaning supplies for school use during the time of a public health emergency, the superintendent has discretion to restrict the use of school buildings and facilities for non-school groups in a neutral and non-discriminatory manner.

Approved  7-20-2020                      Reviewed  8-17-2021                                       Revised   8-17-2021