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200.1E1 Student Representative Protocol

Code No. 200.1E1


The term for board of education student representatives shall be one school year in duration and run from September 1 through May 30. They serve as a non-voting member of the Board.

Student representatives shall attend an orientation, scheduled by the superintendent, prior to being formally seated at their first board of education meeting.

Student representatives are responsible for preparing and presenting a report from their respective school at each board of education meeting. Time will be provided on the agenda for these reports during the Information Items section of the agenda.

Student representatives are encouraged to participate in agenda item discussions directly affecting students in the district. Input from student representatives is particularly valuable to the board of education during discussion pertaining to school/student operations. Student representatives should refrain from discussions that do not pertain to school/student operations.

Student representatives (like all board of education members) must request the floor and receive recognition from the chairperson prior to making comments or asking questions. Subsequent questions or comments require additional recognition from the chairperson.

Student representatives shall refrain from initiating or participating in discussions pertaining to any items that concern district personnel or student disciplinary issues. Student representatives do not participate in closed/exempt sessions of the Board.

Student representatives comments and questions are delivered as board of education members and shall be structured to reflect representation of all students from the school which they represent.

Student representatives are to be courteous in their comments and approaches to people representing opposing points of view.

Approved 9-18-2017       Reviewed          Revised