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222 Negotiations

Code No.222


In the process of collective bargaining, the board shall bargain in good faith. The board shall select a chief spokesperson who shall have the authority to represent the board in the phases of collective bargaining including, but not limited to, reaching a tentative agreement. Only the board has the authority to ratify master labor agreements.

Upon appointment of the chief spokesperson, negotiations between the certified bargaining unit and its members shall be directed to the board's chief spokesperson. Individual board members shall not be contacted directly by members of or representatives for, the bargaining unit concerning issues relating to the negotiation process.

The board, in conjunction with its chief spokesperson, shall determine the composition of the board's bargaining team.

The board shall set the parameters and goals for the negotiations. Periodic strategy sessions shall be considered with the entire board to maintain open communications between the board and its chief spokesperson.

Legal Reference: 

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Approved 9-13-93        Reviewed 6-20-2022         Revised  3-18-2019