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905.1R1 Use of School District Facilities & Equipment Regulation

Code No. 905.1R1


  1. Alcoholic beverages will not be brought to or consumed on school grounds.
  2. Smoking is prohibited in school district facilities and on school district grounds.
  3. After a school district facility, site, or equipment has been used by an entity, cleaning, including restoring the facility, site or equipment to the condition it was in prior to its use, will be done by employees assisted by a committee from the entity. The fee charged to the entity for the use of the facility, site, or equipment will include these costs. However, if excessive costs are involved in cleaning or otherwise restoring the facility, site, or equipment to the condition it was in prior to its use, the board reserves the right to charge the entity for these excessive costs.
  4. Entities are required to stay within the area of the school district facility or site and use only the school district equipment authorized by the school district for use by the entity. Other school district facilities, sites, or areas in the school district building or equipment are off limits to the entity.
  5. A cancellation after the facility or equipment is made ready for the entity will be charged at the full rate. Cancellations made prior to that time will be charged a minimum cancellation fee or the costs incurred to the school district in anticipation of the entity's use, whichever is greater.