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905.2E1 Use of Facilities for Private Profit - Application Form

Code No. 905.2E1


The undersigned applicant makes application for the use of the school building and room designated below. The applicant will provide police protection at its own expense, if necessary, to maintain order and to properly protect the district's property. The applicant agrees to the pay any and all fees, to have school employee supervision, and to provide proof of liability insurance.

The applicant agrees to hold the school district harmless from any and all damages and claims that may arise by reason of any negligence on the part of the applicant or the district, and its officers, employees, and agents, in the use by the applicant of any facilities owned by the district. In case any action is brought therefore against the district or any of its officers, employees, or agents, the applicant shall assume full responsibility for the legal defense thereof; and upon its failure to do so on proper notice, the district reserves the right to defend such action and to charge all costs, including attorneys' fees to the applicant.

The applicant agrees to abide by the district's policies concerning the use of the facilities. These policies include but are not limited to, the prohibition of alcohol, tobacco and nicotine on school district property or in school district buildings and vehicles.

Building: _________________________ Date of Use: ______________ Hours: ________________


Purpose: _________________________________________________________________________

Equipment Needs: _________________________________________________________________

Total Fee Due: $____________

Organization: _____________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _________________________________ Telephone: ________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

______________________________  ________________  _________________________________

(signature of applicant)              (date)               (signature of superintendent or designee)