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905.1R2 Fees for Use of School District Facilities

Code No. 905.1R2


Rates for Rental of Facilities, for the first two hours of use:

Elementary School Gym -- $15.00

Elementary School Gym with kitchen  --  $20.00

Middle School Gym  --  $15.00

Middle School kitchen & lunch room  --  $15.00

High School Gym  --  $20.00

High School Auditorium  --   $15.00

High School kitchen and lunch room  --  $15.00

Any regular classroom  --  $10.00

Add to the above:

For each additional half hour  --  $5.00

For providing chairs and/or tables for meetings  --  $10.00

Custodial charges  --  $25.00 per employee hour

Supervision by a cook when kitchen in use  --  $20.00 per employee per hour

In addition to paying the above fees, each renter must make arrangements with the school district to have adequate custodial and supervisory services. Buildings will not be available unless a contract is signed by the renter and the school district well in advance of scheduled usage. The Superintendent has the right to waive fees.

Legal Reference:         

 Iowa Code 297.9 -.11 (2013)

Approved 9 -15 -97     Reviewed 4-6-09         Revised 1-21-2019